Have you Lost YourSELF?

I was updating the ABOUT section of The Path of Personal Truth’s Facebook page, and I paused. Because Facebook has limited choices regarding categories under which to create a page, I felt conflicted last year when I called it a “religious organization” when setting the page up. It never felt ‘right’ to call it that, because essentially, The Path of Personal Truth is not about religion, or even just spirituality. I switched its category to “community center”. We aren’t up and running yet, but eventually in Mendocino County there will be a Path location called Wolf Mountain Spirit Retreat. But creating a spirit center is not what The Path of Personal Truth is either. It is more about a thought process, about finding one’s true essence as a human, and getting in tune with that small voice within us all that says, yes, this is the right thing for me at this time in my life.  But there is no Facebook button for all of that.

Everyone’s lives change dramatically throughout the 80 or so years most of us are on this planet, so what is right in one decade, may not work in another. When we are young and starting out, our ideals may be more radical and less honed, and we may embrace ideas that won’t sit right for us when we find ourselves getting older. But embracing radical ideas and then fine-tuning as we progress, both spiritually and in age, is the base of what The Path of Personal Truth is about. For example, as a radical environmental activist, Earth First! leader Judi Bari denounced tree spiking (the anti-logging act of pounding metal stakes into living tree trunks to keep logging companies from being able to harvest old growth redwood trees). Even though tree spiking works to halt the slaughter of the redwood groves, it is a dangerous practice to humans. Many loggers have been injured cutting their saws through spiked trees, and so stating publicly that tree spiking should be stopped became Judi’s “path” in her activism arsenal. That statement was part of her Path of Personal Truth: her belief, based on the experiences she had as an activist, and as a union worker.

The same idea holds for religious beliefs. Most of us are raised with some type of religion or spirituality. Most of us question that practice the more we learn about life, ourselves, other religions, and when we focus in to see what feels ‘real’ to us. The point of being on a path of personal truth is to conglomerate what is known by experience, combine that with what is believed, and honor that personal belief as truth and stay true to oneself, not allowing societal influences to cloud that decision. It is human existence at its most profoundly base level…as if you are the only one experiencing your life, which indeed you are. Yet people tend to forget that and often fall into the comfort zone of following a ‘pre-existing’ religious tenet, even if the heart/mind/soul/body may not be aligned.

Life is short. Being told what to do by people is a huge part of it. From the time we are born, we have very little say in how we are raised, what expectations are held of us, and there is always some influence trying to sway our thoughts about who we should be in our short time here.

But imagine: Who would you be, if no one else had a say?

THAT is your Path of Personal Truth! If you honor that idea, some would say SELFishly, (but that is a good thing!), then the answers will begin to come to you. Only OTHERS who are demanding time or expectation of you are the ones who might call you SELFish. But this is YOUR one lifetime in this body. Your one chance to create a beautiful, messy, wonderful, soul-filled, amazing life.

Are you doing it yet? If not, why not? You are born and you die alone. What you do in the middle of that, should be up to YOU.

If you have objections filling your mind right now…GOOD. Let  me guess. “I have to work.” “I have to make money.” “I have to pay my mortgage.” “I have to ______ ”(fill in the blank). You have a pre-wired list of objections to living FREELY. That’s okay. If you are full of objections, then you have a lot of thinking to do.

Starting with: Everything is negotiable. There is not one thing in your life that you can’t change, right now, if you WANT to. Not one. Not health, not location, not job, not even your AGE…because there is plenty you can do with diet, exercise, and especially, MINDSET, to make yourself feel younger. It is truly up to you. But you have been trained to stay harnessed to the wheel of society so that you will pull your weight, stay the plan, be a responsible citizen, and raise up the next generation similarly.

What if I said to you: You don’t have to have a mortgage, you don’t have to stay in a job or relationship you hate, or do any of the things you are doing right now that you dislike? In the myriad of ways in which one can live life…

You, and only you, are CHOOSING the life you are currently living.

Think about it.

I am not convincing you to buy a miracle cream. I am not even trying to sell you anything. I am simply offering you something back that you may have lost and not even realized it.

Your  True Self.

If you begin to understand that you truly are “the ‘Soul’ proprietor of your own life” you will see that as Creator, that you can achieve anything you want within this lifetime. Not alone, necessarily. The right people will find you when you align yourself to your soul’s higher purpose and act out on achieving those goals.

That is the real definition of the Path of Personal Truth. Follow your true path. Let Spirit, whatever that looks like in your definition of it, lead you there. And…enjoy the journey!


That aforementioned Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/pathofpersonaltruth/





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